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Carpet adds a finishing touch to your home by adding in textural detail, whilst accenting your room with a complementary tone or pattern.


Our range includes a diverse range of colours and styles, pile weights and materials, available in different prices to suit every home.


There are two choices in terms of type of carpet fibre, wool or synthetic usually made from Polypropylene (a form of plastic). 


Some customers come in asking for an all singing all dancing carpet that can do everything, such as wear very well, be stain resistant and maybe suitable for pets, unfortunately there is no such thing. 


Our job is to find you the best type of carpet fit for purpose.

Terms and Conditions


If a customer has pets or has regular food and drink spillages then a Polypropylene carpet would be better suited.


The main unique selling point is that they are stain resistant and bleach cleanable (5% bleach - 95% water) however they tend to flatten quicker than wool carpets as they are a form of plastic.


A weakness with plastic is that it does flatten quicker even with the best underlay money can buy.

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Wool is naturally flame-retardant, durable, easy to clean and retains its appearance well.


The main unique selling point of wool carpets is that they look newer for longer, however be aware that they are not stain resistant.


We go into this in quite some depth with our customers and usually get the answer we are looking for which then allows us to specify fit for purpose.



It may not be your most exciting purchase, but we always recommend buying the best underlay you can when fitting your new carpet, as it will prolong the life of your carpet whilst making it feel comfortable and luxurious.


We like to use the saying “every carpet deserves a new underlay”.  If you need to reduce the cost, then a less expensive carpet will perform much better on a new underlay, rather than the other way around.


By protecting a carpet’s pile, underlay will also make it easier to clean and stay hygienic.


We have worked with most underlays over the years and have learnt the pros and cons of each, so if you need any advice, please feel free to come into the store and chat with our staff.


Underfloor heating


We advise you use a low ‘tog’ value underlay beneath your carpet to allow sufficient heat to pass through both the carpet and the underlay.


‘Tog’ is the term used to describe the amount of thermal insulation in a material, or in simpler terms, how warm something will keep you.


Most carpet manufacturers now display the tog rating of their carpets in store, so we are able to calculate the combined tog value of both the carpet and underlay, which shouldn’t exceed 2.50 tog.


We do not advise PU (Polyurethane) underlays on underfloor heating as they have a high ‘tog’ value.


If you need more information on underfloor heating please pop into the store and chat with our friendly staff.

Carpet seams


Most people have had a bad experience with a seam (join) in a carpet which has been below expectations and is why many customers state to us in store that they do not want a seam, however in some instances, seams are unavoidable.


We cannot guarantee invisible seams as we are only as good as the material we are working with. 


Other considerations must also be taken into account such as colour and type of carpet, location of light source and placement of seam i.e. major walkways.




Often overlooked by both the customer and the retailer, ‘grippers' are necessary for keeping the carpets in tension.


If the gripper is incorrectly placed or used around the perimeter of the room and door frames, this can clearly be seen through the finished fitted carpet.


If the gripper has been correctly positioned you will be sure to invite your neighbours round for a cuppa at your earliest convenience! 

Your carpet needs careful consideration, as it needs to suit the different requirements of a room.


We offer our customers a site survey from one of our professional carpet installers to help you make the right choice. Get in touch with a member of the team today to book.


Free samples of our carpets are also available in our shops or by giving us a call on 01354 658100.

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