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Brighten up your desk, give living rooms a warm glow, or place a security light outside - lighting your home is often as much about creating a mood as it is about functionality.


We offer a wide range of lamps, including exterior and garden lights, that suit your needs and budget.


It’s important that you know what you want your lights to offer.


Ambience helps to create a mood in bedrooms and living rooms with lighting that gives your space a warm glow.


Functional lighting offers bright light in one area, for enhanced visibility when you need it.


Accenting can illuminate specific points around a room and can help to brighten dark corners.


You can book an estimating appointment by getting in touch or giving us a call.

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We offer a variety of different styles of lighting fixtures.


Ceiling lights

  • Pendant ceiling lights – a common light style, these hang from the ceiling, and are often surrounded by a shade
  • Cluster lighting - single pendant lights drawn together, creating a cluster of light for a striking effect – ideal over dining tables
  • Multi-arm and chandeliers - a number of lights coming from a single central fixture. Many chandeliers often ornate but arrive in many styles
  • Flush ceiling lights - ideal for lower ceilings, flush ceiling lights lie flat against the ceiling to save space
  • Spotlights - small, bright lights that sit fairly close to the ceiling. Spotlights are usually made up of several adjustable lights along a metal bar



  • Wall lights - these lights are affixed to the wall, for an elegant unlighted look
  • Table lamps - usually decorative, table lamps are available in a variety of designs to add to visuals and offer soft light
  • Task lamps -  offers targeted light to assist you as you work, draw, write and read
  • Floor lamps - offer freestanding light around rooms. You can often find matching or co-ordinating table and floor lamps

LED lighting

Saving up to 90% energy, LED lighting is the next-step in light bulb technology, with an average 25,000-hour lifespan.


Outdoor & security lights

Many of these lights detect when someone is moving outside and turn on: ideal for when you need to find your keys, and for security.


We offer an installation service if you buy lighting in our shops and need it fitted to an existing source. Our fitters are qualified electricians.


Whether you know exactly what kind of lamp you are looking for, or you are just gathering inspiration, come into our showroom to see our lighting products chat with a member of our team about your needs.



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